Parents Role
Education of children is a joint venture involving the school and the parents. Both have very responsible roles to play in the formation of their child's character and personality. The importance of co-operation from the parents, their constant guidance, love and understanding will ever support our children as they walk in the foot steps of Little Flower Convent School.

  • We encourage the parents to visit the school and be aware of the progress of your child.
  • We request our parents not to enter the class-room, meet the teacher or your child directly without the prior permission of the Principal.
  • Parent- Teacher Meeting is on every second Saturday of the month. This gives you an opportunity to check the progress of your child, give and take suggestion from the school.
  • Facilitate your child to have a dream in life, teach right values and encourage them to see the positive qualities of life.
  • Train your child to do what one ought to do and not to do what one likes to do.
  • What the child gets in the family, the child gives to the society.